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Streamline processes.

drive growth.

scale your agency.

Wind Growth offers Fractional COO services and operation automation solutions to help businesses scale efficiently.

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Trusted by industry leading agencies.

"The skills & ability to solve Revenue Operations through custom solutions and outbound that René has are amazing. Crazy work ethic, good creativity in terms of Rev Ops & smart as a dolphin. Would 100% recommend working with René if you are looking for a Revenue Operator to boost your growth!"

Leevi Eerola
Founder, Agency Velocity

our services.

fractional coo

Unlock executive leadership and strategic operational insight with our Fractional COO service.

Ideal for agencies that have scaled rapidly, this service offers a hands-on partnership to...

Streamline your processes
Integrate automation
Drive growth

From in-depth audits to performance optimization and continuous system improvements, our approach is tailored to stabilize and move your business forward without the overhead of a full-time executive.

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not quite ready for a fractional coo?

Operating system installation

A perfect first step for agencies looking to build a solid operational foundation. Experience the benefits of streamlined operations and automation at a pace that suits your current stage of growth.

When you're set for the next stage, our Fractional COO service will be here to take you further.

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why are systems & operations so important?

Operations are the hearts of you business...

Foundation for scalability

Solid operations create the infrastructure necessary for a business to grow. Without reliable systems and processes, scaling up is like building a skyscraper on a shaky foundation—it may rise quickly, but it's at constant risk of collapse.

Data-driven decision making

Operations provide the data and metrics needed to evaluate performance. This information is crucial for making informed decisions that drive business success and for adapting strategies to market demands.

Client satisfaction

Well-oiled operations ensure that customer interactions are smooth and services are delivered reliably, which is essential for client retention and brand reputation.

Efficiency and Productivity

Effective operations streamline tasks and reduce redundancy, allowing teams to focus on high-level activities. This efficiency leads to higher productivity and, ultimately, a better bottom line.


The number of clients our infrastructure currently manages.

15+ hours

...a week saved with automation in average for agencies working with us.


...of our customers got an increase in productivity.

hear our success stories.

Take the operations stress out of scaling your business...

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"What Wind Growth has done is crazy. They know what they're talking about, they did a total re-infrastructure of my business in a day. They saved me from 20 to 30 hours per week."

Kai Cabero
Founder, Fullcircl3

meet the founder, rené.

"I’ve been in business operations for three years. I started at an online gaming tournament company, where I helped streamline their systems and operations, set up more events quickly, grow the audience, and catch cheaters, which helped the company earn $1M in a year.

At the same time, I was still in the army as a pilot at the military university, where I went from managing a small squad of 8 people to managing half a squadron at over 40 people. Eventually left the army due to injuries.

From there, I co-founded Styllar, a Web3 avatar builder that uses NFTs. I built the entire growth operations around Styllar and built a community of around 20,000 people in under a month. When we launched, we sold out our product in less than 3 hours and made $2M. Styllar grew to be a $8M market cap business in under 6 months. I eventually exited Styllar to focus entirely on Wind Growth."

- René-Karl Lambert

we’re not your average agency.

Here’s why you should hire us.


One-size-fits-all solutions
Focus on immediate fixes
Basic system setup
Reactive support, leaves you on read

Wind Growth

Customized operational strategies
Long-term sustainable growth planning
Full system installation with automation
Proactive and ongoing executive support


Most frequent questions agency owners ask us.

What exactly does a Fractional COO do?

A Fractional COO is an experienced operations executive who can provide strategic and operational leadership on a part-time basis.

Hiring a Fractional COO is an excellent way of accelerating your growth in a manageable way without paying the full price of a traditional COO.

Wind Growth offers more than strategic and operational guidance, we also actively build and implement for your business.

What is your pricing looking like?

Our pricing structure is customized to your needs, please book a meeting with us so we can give you an accurate quote.

How does Wind Growth differ from traditional consultancy services?

Wind Growth is providing a very customized service.

We actively take part in transforming your business by building & optimizing your operations.

With a Fractional COO you get a lot more involvement than traditional consultancy services that traditionally only offer a couple calls per week.

Can Wind Growth help if we've grown too quickly and lack proper systems?

Absolutely! It’s what we do best. Our protocol has allowed us to fix and scale many businesses with the same problem you’re having right now. Feel free to go check our success stories!

What is the ROI of working with a Fractional COO?

There isn’t a single metric that will really define how impactful having an excellent COO is.

Everything in a business has potential to be optimized which will result in a different measurable ROI.

Wind Growth focus on revenue generating operations and build the proper systems to handle your growth at every level.

What types of systems can Wind Growth help implement?

We build any type of systems, whether it’d be for managing your employees, or automating some of your deliverables we can do it. Our first procedure is to conduct an operational audit with our clients and determine an action plan on what needs to be done urgently.

How will my team learn to maintain the new systems?

As we build systems for your business, we provide both training and support for those. The idea is that we build everything in-house for your business so that you always have the control over your business and how it function.

What if my agency needs help with operations but isn't ready for a Fractional COO?

We’ve made an entire Operating System that is ready to be implemented and customized to your business for a fraction of the cost of a Fractional COO.

This is the ideal product for any growing agency that needs foundational systems and some automation for their currently existing systems.

scale smart, not hard...

Reduce your operations stress that comes with scaling your business. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

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"After two months, we may have in our short term pipeline about $400-500k and mid to long-term pipeline between 4 and 5 millions dollars."

Guillaume Germain
Founder, Monolith Agency

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